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AK regains Shine Championship in Japan!

On May 6th, 2019, Allysin faced Miyu Yamashita in a rematch for the SHINE Championship, this time on Yamashita's turf - in Sapporo, Japan.

The match started off in a technical bout. Kay later said in a post-match interview that, "I knew I couldn't just go at her. I knew I had to keep my cool and target her legs if I wanted to beat her."

Kay quickly turned this into her match; after dumping Yamashita over the top rope, a brawl ensued. It looked like things turned around for Yamashita after Kay took a hard back body drop on the stage. The two went on to have a 14-minute match of devastating strikes and kicks. Kay finally took a spinning back kick to the head which sent her flying into the ropes, and she was able to come off with "The Big D" spinning lariat, collapsing on top of Yamashita for the win.

After the match, Kay called for Yamashita to get back in the ring. We've seen Kay help her opponents up many times, only to shove them back down by the face. This time, when Yamashita took Kay's extended hand, Kay pulled Yamashita in close. We're not sure what was said, but later Kay tweeted this:

Allysin Kay now holds two championships: The SHINE Championship, and the NWA Women's World Championship!


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