Custom shirt featuring AK, inspired by Cactus Jack's WANTED shirt. The neckline has been cut off of this tee.


This will be autographed by AK!


Size unknown, but I'm guessing it's a Medium/Large in a men's cut.


Every gear purchase comes with a FREE 8x10 from my store! (which can be personalized)

  • Please indicate which 8x10 (or 4x6 print) you would like in the Comment Box provided, otherwise you will receive one that AK picks! Please view the online store to see which 8x10s are currently available. All 8x10s will be autographed to the buyer, unless you specify differently. Please note that requested words and phrases are up to AK's discretion, and can be put into her own words.

[GEAR] Autographed Custom AK/Cactus Jack Shirt

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