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AK Loses SHINE title in Controversy

Allysin Kay was challenged for her SHINE Championship by Tokyo Joshi Pro Champion, Miyu Yamashita, at the WWN Supershow on April 5th in Queens, NY.

Being a fighting champion and having beaten every opponent in the SHINE title picture up to this point, Kay accepted, but not without adding her own challenge as well:

Miyu accepted, and the WWN Supershow match was set for Title vs. Title!

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the end of this match, including a brawl that ended in more referees being called to the ring to pull Kay and Yamashita apart. But after a hard hitting battle, one woman was awarded with both coveted championships... Miyu Yamashita.

Allysin Kay and onlookers alike agree that while in Yamashita's submission for an extended period, she did not tap, and appeared conscious. The referee seems to believe Kay was not responsive to her questions and made a judgment call to end the match.

Either way, Miyu Yamashita IS the new SHINE Champion, and Allysin Kay has become unhinged.

Stay tuned because there is certainly more to come...


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