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Shine 57: Can AK beat Mercedes twice?

After Allysin beat Su Yung at Shine 55, her celebration was interrupted by "The Latina Sensation", Mercedes Martinez.

Photo: @alanblackrhino on IG

AK & Mercedes faced each other in the finals of the Shine Championship Tournament at Shine 53 last September. AK obviously came out on top, and Mercedes claims she never got a deserved rematch.

Before AK could reply to Mercedes' challenge, they were both notified by Shine rep Trevin Adams that AK would, in fact, be defending her Shine Championship at Shine 56... but it would be against Mercedes' tag partner, Ivelisse.

Photo: @wrestlingwithnomad on IG

Now that Kay has defeated one half of Las Sicarias when she pinned Ivelisse at Shine 56, Mercedes will get her rematch on 3.16 at Shine 57! AK was able to beat the 15+ year veteran once, but will she be able to do it again?


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