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AK vs. Ivelisse at Shine 56!

Allysin Kay & Ivelisse are no strangers to one another. They were once both members of Shine's most dominant stable, Valkyrie, which formed in January 2013 at Shine 6.

The original VALKYRIE: April Hunter, Allysin Kay, Ivelisse, Taylor Made, & Rain

The clique ran strong for an entire year, until Ivelisse beat Valkyrie's leader, Rain, for the Shine Championship at Shine 16. Post-match, Rain kicked Ivelisse out of the group, and Ivelisse was subsequently jumped by the rest of Valkyrie - Allysin included.

Even with all this history, AK and Ivelisse have ever only wrestled in singles competition once, and that was for the WWNLive Tour of China in November 2014. Ivelisse successfully defended her then-championship that night, but now the tables have turned.

A lot has changed in four years.

Ivelisse found success with Lucha Underground, even becoming Trios Champion alongside Angélico & Son of Havoc.

Allysin Kay dominated in IMPACT Wrestling, and became Knockouts Champion twice in a year's time.

Ivelisse previously competed in WWE's Tough Enough.

Allysin Kay recently competed in WWE's Mae Young Classic.

Both wrestlers have an MMA background. Both have gained experience around the world. But only one can be SHINE champion.

Right now, that champion is Allysin Kay. She beat three women in one night to earn it. She's successfully defended against the undead. But Ivelisse will do everything she can to become the first 3x SHINE Champion.

On January 19th at La Boom in NYC, we will find out who wants it more!


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